Globe and mail horoscope for november 3 2019

Born to Be What were you born to be?

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Your Guide to the Future. Your Personal Profile. Android App. The subject who is truly loyal to the Chief Magistrate will neither advise nor submit to arbitrary measures. You can make things happen for yourself this year but it's important that you focus on activities that benefit other people as well. You are an integral part of the universal eco system, which means good and bad things will always come back to you. The changes taking place in your life may not be easy to deal with and no doubt there are times when you feel hard done by, but don't lose heart. In the greater scheme of things you are making considerable progress, so keep at it.

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Once again it would appear that you are on the receiving end of other people's negative attitudes and, of course, you don't much like it. In which case why are you still living and working with them?

Change the scene and change your world. Work and health issues are coming under the spotlight a lot of late and what happens today will make it obvious that you have been working too hard. The only effort you should be making is in rearranging your schedule so you have more time for yourself. Other people may doubt your abilities but you know you have what it takes and nothing can stop you succeeding.

It's not often you show this level of rampant self-belief, so make good use of it and start moving up in the world. Recent changes in your personal affairs are now having a knock-on effect in your professional life but that is not an excuse to backtrack on what you decided. The more you leave behind the more you stand to gain in the very near future. It's not like you to speak your mind with such emotional force but the fact that you are now doing so should convince friends and foes alike that you mean business. Just make sure that what you say can be backed up by the facts.

Your current all-or-nothing attitude to life will work wonders in certain areas but in others is sure to cause you unnecessary trouble.

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Each and every time before you act ask yourself if, on balance, it will create more goodwill or more resentment. Strive for justice and fair play. How you treat others and what you are willing to do will affect your reputation and your position.

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If you can use what you already have, choose to do so. Offer alternatives to someone who is being unrealistic or pressuring you to get involved in something too costly or indulgent. Stability is favored.


A change of plans geared toward handling your money, possessions and assets should be put into play. A financial gain is within reach. If something is bothering you, deal with it, and move on.