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News from a distance heads your way. Tonight: Share your news. Allow an associate to demonstrate his or her loyalty and sensitivity. This person might choose a manner that does not impress you. Be gracious. It is the thought that counts. One-on-one relating builds an even stronger tie. Tonight: Say yes to an offer.

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Your creativity comes forward and delights you to no end. How you manage a problem for a child or loved one demonstrates how very caring you can be. Do not sit back. Be proactive whether making a gesture or designing plans. Tonight: Add some spice to your interactions. You have your unique style and way of handling life.

A family member would like you to spend more time with him or her, especially at home. You might find the next few days perfect for digging into a project at home. Tonight: Order in. Reach out to a sibling or a neighbour. You often share news with this person that sometimes turns out to be gossip.

Your willingness to open up and chat away with this person marks your bond. Tonight: Expect the unexpected.

Horoscope for Wednesday, August 21, 12222

You might be more concerned with your finances than you need to be. A sense of discomfort surrounds how you deal with a family member or a matter involving your home. Steer clear of major decisions. Tonight: Do not blow your budget. You beam and others notice. You could find that someone who might be nearly a stranger walks up to you to speak to you or get to know you better. Do not even think you have any control here. Just be open, unless you have your eye on one special person.

Tonight: At a favourite spot. Opinion PM. Federal Election PM. Local PM.

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Community PM. Music PM. ArtsEntertainment AM. X Enter keyword s to search for the articles,events,business listing and community content. Submit Your Content. Already have a Torstar account? Sign In. Already a current subscriber? You are likely to enter a tense period around May and June, where you will have to deal with a situation involving a key person in your life who is closed down. Give this person the space to work through this issue on his or her own.

Understand this, too, will pass.

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If you are attached, you act like new lovers. You also might be welcoming a new addition to your family.

Start smiling now! Throw a party at your pad. You will express a greater need to communicate clearly and to have people respond to you accordingly. Your day-to-day life takes on a far more upbeat tone. You seem to appreciate the many facets of your life, and you tend to be more present in the moment. People gravitate toward you.

Some of you even might sign up for a class or workshop to expand your knowledge. When times gets tense, which they likely will in late spring, you will rely on your new communication skills to bypass any problems. Some of you might welcome a new roommate, while others decide to move.

As a Cancer, nothing will make you more content than having a beautiful home to entertain friends and family. Do just that as fall comes and goes. Expect charming, entertaining conversations with a very positive start to the year. You are a sign that loves to live life to the fullest. You will see an upward swing financially.

You could see your funds rise to an all-time high, as long as you can curb some of the spending you tend to do without thinking. You greet every day with a bigger smile. Whatever is putting a smile on your face is genuine and real. This type of behavior will draw many people toward you. The first year is considered one of the most fortunate. Understand that not every moment will feel perfect, but for the most part, your energy and intellect can draw in what you want and help you in general.

In action, you will be spontaneous. It is important that you clearly know what your long-term goals are. Go over them to make sure you still want to pursue them. Nothing is more irksome than achieving a long-term desire only to find out that you no longer really want it. Be positive, and you will be able to manifest much more of what you decide is important.

During this same period, others find you to be unusually attractive. If you are single, you might need to work to keep that status. After September, you will receive much more of what you want. As comes to a close, you will be beaming. Look over your long-term goals, and take the time to update them. This year, you are likely to see your circle of friends expand. You also see life as having endless possibilities. If you are single, you easily could meet that special person. If you are attached, you can be found socializing more with your significant other.

Business success or a greater role in your community is possible as well. The one area you really need to focus on is your finances. Investments might be slow to come to fruition. By late September, you might choose to become more introverted. Some of you will feel the need to give more of yourself by choosing to do volunteer work.

The more friends who surround you as you greet , the happier you will be.

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You seem to have the endurance, time and desire to deal with the difficult situations that have others running away. Those in sync with their core will blossom and receive their just rewards. By late spring, you might find yourself changing your mind a lot about various situations. Try to avoid taking action until the Summer Solstice, if possible.

Late September through the remainder of the year, you will feel as if all your hard work and endurance has paid off. A new, special friendship could head your way during this period, and it will continue into You seem to have developed the ability to detach in order to understand where others are coming from. You will want to break past self-imposed mental restrictions. Many of you will be able to accomplish this through a friendship with someone from a different culture.